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John Hiatt - Only The Song Survives [15 LP Box Set]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/06/2019
UPC: 607396535910

Preview the unboxing video and sample "Over the Hill" from LP 15 of the 11 Album Box Set of Vinyl.

Only The Song Survives [15 LP Box Set]
Artist: John Hiatt
Format: Vinyl

1. Lincoln Town
2. Crossing Muddy Waters
3. What Do We Do Now?
4. Only The Song Survives
5. Lift Up Every Stone
6. Take It Down
7. Gone
8. Take It Back
9. Mr. Stanley
10. God's Golden Eyes
11. Before I Go
1. Everybody Went Low
2. Hangin' 'Round Here
3. All The Lilacs In Ohio
4. My Old Friend
5. I Know A Place
6. Something Broken
7. Rock Of Your Love
8. I'll Never Get Over You
9. The Tiki Bar Is Open
10. Come Home To You
11. Farther Stars
1. Uncommon Connection
2. How Bad's The Coffee
3. The Nagging Dark
4. My Baby Blue
5. My Dog And Me
6. Almost Fed Up With The Blues
7. Circle Back
8. Window On The World
9. Missing Pieces
10. Fly Back Home
11. The Last Time
12. The Most Unoriginal Sin
1. Master Of Disaster
2. Howlin' Down The Cumberland
3. Thunderbird
4. Wintertime Blues
5. When My Love Crosses Over
6. Love's Not Where We Thought We Left It
7. Ain't Ever Goin' Back
8. Cold River
9. Find You At Last
10. Old School
11. Back On The Corner
1. Icy Blue Heart
2. Loving A Hurricane
3. When You Hold Me Tight
4. Your Dad Did
5. Straight Outta Time
6. Memphis In The Meantime
7. Something Wild
1. Have A Little Faith In Me
2. Buffalo River Home
3. Thing Called Love
4. Angel
5. Tennessee Plates
6. Slow Turning
7. Perfectly Good Guitar
1. Old Days
2. Love You Again
3. On With You
4. Hurt My Baby
5. What Love Can Do
6. Ride My Pony
7. Cherry Red
8. Our Time
9. Two Hearts
10. Same Old Man
11. Lets Give This Love A Try
1. The Open Road
2. Haulin'
3. Go Down Swingin'
4. Like A Freight Train
5. My Baby
6. Homeland
7. Wonder of Love
8. What Kind Of Man
1. Movin' On
2. Fireball Roberts
3. Carry You Back Home
DISC: 10
1. Damn This Town
2. 'Til I Get My Lovin' Back
3. I Love That Girl
4. All The Way Under
5. Don't Wanna Leave You Now
6. Detroit Made
7. Hold On For Your Love
DISC: 11
1. Train To Birmingham
2. Down Around My Place
3. Adios To California
4. When New York Had Her Heart Broke
DISC: 12
1. We're Alright Now
2. Bite Marks
3. It All Comes Back Someday
4. Wood Chipper
5. My Business
6. I Just Don't Know What To Say
7. I Know How To Lose You
8. You're All The Reason I Need
DISC: 13
1. One Of Them Damn Days
2. No Wicked Grin
3. Give It Up
4. Blues Can't Even Find Me
DISC: 14
1. Long Time Comin'
2. Face Of God
3. Marlene
4. Wind Don't Have To Hurry
5. Nobody Knew His Name
6. Baby's Gonna Kick
7. Nothin' I Love
8. Terms Of My Surrender
9. Here To Stay
10. Old People
11. Come Back Home
DISC: 15
1. Cry To Me
2. All The Way To The River
3. Aces Up Your Sleeve
4. Poor Imitation Of God
5. Nothing In My Heart
6. Over The Hill
7. Outrunning My Soul
8. Hide Your Tears
9. The Odds Of Loving You
10. One Stiff Breeze
11. Robber's Highway


Leatherette Record Carrying Case, Suede Inlay with Collar, 11 Titles (15 LPs) on 180g Vinyl

More Info:

Only The Song Survives is the definitive collection of John Hiatt's musical output spanning two decades of releases on New West Records. The vast box set includes eleven albums, spread across fifteen long play records, all pressed on high quality 180g vinyl. Four releases - Crossing Muddy Waters (2000), The Tiki Bar Is Open (2001), Beneath This Gruff Exterior (2003) and Master Of Disaster (2005) - have been remastered for vinyl and pressed on wax for the very first time. The box set's 48-page book is autographed by John Hiatt and features rare photos, testimonials, essays and insights from many of Hiatt's co-conspirators throughout his career - from Ry Cooder, Steve Earle, Sonny Landreth, Patterson Hood, Luther Dickinson, Rodney Crowell, James McMurtry and more.


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