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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/15/2021
UPC: 711297390414

Visualizers plus on cover videos.

Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted [Deluxe 2LP]
Artist: Passenger
Format: Vinyl

$13.49   Buy MP3 Album
1. Sword from the Stone
$1.29 Download
2. Tip of My Tongue
$1.29 Download
3. What Youre Waiting For
$1.29 Download
4. The Way That I Love You
$1.29 Download
5. Remember to Forget
$1.29 Download
6. Sandstorm
$1.29 Download
7. A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted
$1.29 Download
8. Suzanne
$1.29 Download
9. Nothing Aches Like a Broken Heart
$1.29 Download
10. London in the Spring
$1.29 Download
11. London In The Spring (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
12. Nothing Aches Like A Broken Heart (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
13. Suzanne (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
14. A Song For The Drunk And Broken Hearted (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
15. Sandstorm (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
16. Remember To Forget (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
17. The Way That I Love You (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
18. What You're Waiting For (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
19. Tip Of My Tongue (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
20. Sword From The Stone (Acoustic)
$1.29 Download
Digital download
1. London in the Spring (Acoustic)
2. Nothing Aches Like a Broken Heart (Acoustic)
3. Suzanne (Acoustic)
4. A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted (Acoustic)
5. Sandstorm (Acoustic)
6. Remember to Forget (Acoustic)
7. The Way That I Love You (Acoustic)
8. What Youre Waiting For (Acoustic)
9. Tip of My Tongue (Acoustic)
10. Sword from the Stone (Acoustic)

More Info:

Mike Rosenberg, better known as Passenger, is a multi-award winning, platinum-selling singer-songwriter from Brighton, England. Although still known for his busking, he long ago made the journey from street corners to stadiums most notably with 'Let Her Go', which reached number 1 in 19 countries and which has now notched more than two billion plays on YouTube. For his latest album "Songs For The Drunk and Broken Hearted" Rosenberg explains, I chose the album title because a lot of the songs are about drinking and the emotions felt around it he explains. There are personal references Rosenberg adds, Ive recently gone through a break-up, which is always a rough time but can actually be very inspiring too. I spent a few months going out and drinking too much which was fun and heartbreaking and awful all at once. Some of the material is personal and some of it is about other people, either people Ive met or fictional characters. Thats always been a Passenger thing: sad stories about people drenched in disappointment with that sense of what could have been.