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Marco Vezzoso and Alessandro Collina - Italian Spirit In Japan


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/09/2021
UPC: 855925004622

Visualizers plus on cover videos.

Italian Spirit In Japan
Artist: Marco Vezzoso and Alessandro Collina
Format: CD

1. The Winter Sea (Il Mare D'inverno)
2. Diamond (Diamante)
3. Universal Judgements (Giudizi Universali)
4. Under the Fish Sign (Sotto Il Segno Dei Pesci)
5. Sally (Sally)
6. Dance Dance Dancer (Balla Balla Ballerino)
7. Wonderful Thought (Pensiero Stupendo)
8. For Me It's Important (Per Me E' Importante)
9. I Like 'O Blues (A Me Me Piace 'O Blues)
10. Caruso (Caruso)

More Info:

MARCO VEZZOSO and ALESSANDRO COLLINA, the jazz duo that has conquered the countries of the Rising Sun!The disc collects 10 of the most beautiful songs of Italian music reinterpreted in a refined instrumental version for trumpet, piano, and percussion. The artists offer a skilful reinterpretation of unforgettable pieces, creating a generational bridge between pop music and jazz.This live version is also a tribute to the artistic partnership between Vezzoso and Collina, which began in Japan and reached China via Cambodia, Indonesia, and Malaysia.In the 'Italian Spirit live' project we decided to invite the percussionist Andrea Marchesini. Andrea is a highly talented and experienced musician who, like us, loves contamination between genres. It was therefore easy for us to integrate Andrea's artistic vein, who adapted very well to our playing. Indeed, he did much more, enriching the pieces with rhythmic details, sometimes almost melodic, without ever being invasive.Since their first musical meeting in 2014, the duo formed by the Piedmontese trumpeter Marco Vezzoso (who since 2012 lives and teaches at the National Conservatory of Nice) and the jazz pianist Alessandro Collina has come a long way. They have 5 albums, numerous concerts between France and Italy and several international tours. In 2015 their first tour in Japan, "Live in Osaka" was recorded and released from a Japanese label. In 2017, a long summer tour takes them to perform in Cambodia, Indonesia and again in Japan, with a closing concert in Tokyo. In 2018 a new tour in Indonesia and Malaysia and a series of concerts in the Czech Republic. In 2019 2 tours in China where they represented Italy at the first edition of the European jazz festival in Guangzhou and a tour in Norway, followed by one in Turkey. The duo ranges from a repertoire of great classics of past and contemporary Italian music to revive emotions in Italians far from their homeland. The interplay and harmony between the musicians, creates an intense musical continuum with a strong emotional impact, which guides the audience on a musical journey within the universe of the duo turned trio.