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what's happening at record stores? TI PIACE IL RECORD STORE DAY?

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Imagine you’ve just bought the latest exclusive album from your favorite musician.

You rush home, tear off the wrapper, and excitedly begin listening to your latest discovery—only this time, there’s something new, something special.

You activate your purchase and suddenly the whole world of the album comes to life. Artwork, back story, exclusive content: it’s all in your home, interactive, and at your disposal. Suddenly, the artist is standing there, performing everything from an intimate performance to a full-blown concert just for you and your friends.

The way you experience music will never be the same..

Welcome to PlayARt

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3D Animation
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Interactive Content

Connects and creates engaging audio and visual elements right on the cover of the record or in the real world with augmented reality. PlayARt delivers a tangible digital experience of bonus content, AR, visualizers and more.

Digital Ritual

Vinyl & CD enthusiasts love the familiar ritual of playing and sharing their music. PlayARt connects a user's digital experience to their physical ownership and rituals to relate to the physicality of the vinyl and enables unlocked bonus Content with Purchase.

My Collection

Building a personal collection is part of the vinyl appeal. The more rare or exclusive, the better. PlayARt delivers a digital album experience and virtual collection cards that enable fans to engage album content on the go.


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